Yangzhou Jiangdu Maritime Department organized ship oil spill drill in the port


On the morning of July 13, Jiangdu Maritime Department organized a ship oil spill emergency drill at the Jiangdu Port Terminal, aiming to improve the on-site emergency response and organization and coordination capabilities of the terminal units in the area during the flood season and severe weather conditions.
The drill was simulated when the "B" ship was berthed at Jiangdu Port 1# berth,due to improper maneuvering of the ship, it collided with the ship "A" in the port, which resulting in a fuel leak of "A" ship, making a large number of oil film floats emerged  in the Jiangdu Port 1# berth wharf river surface. After the on-site safety production manager discovered the abnormal situation, he immediately informed the ship to find the leakage point and sealed it in time, and at the same time he reported to the terminal emergency headquarters. After receiving the alarm of the accident, the terminal emergency command center immediately reported to the Jiangdu Maritime Department and arranged for the emergency response team to use terminal emergency equipment(such as oil booms and oil absorbent pads) to contain and control the oil spill to prevent the spread of the oil spill. After receiving the report, the Jiangdu Maritime Department coordinated the marine cruise ship to the waters where the incident occurred, maintained the site, and coordinated the wharf to jointly remove oil pollution to avoid secondary accidents.
After the end of the drill, the Jiangdu Maritime Department summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the exercise, and requested the terminal units to improve emergency plans, strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers, standardize operation order, and strengthen emergency response. In the next step, the Jiangdu Maritime Department will further improve its emergency response capabilities during flood seasons and severe weather, urge terminal units and ships in the jurisdiction to implement safety and pollution prevention measures, improve safety awareness, and make every effort to ensure the continued stability of the water traffic safety situation in the jurisdiction.

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