Zhenjiang Maritime organized ship firefighting and oil spill emergency joint drills


Zhenjiang issued a high-temperature orange warning, and the temperature on the ship's deck was as high as 50 degrees. At 9:30, someone suddenly shouted: "It's a fire!" A vehicle carrying oil on the ferry leaking and igniting a flame... Following the order from the on-site commander, there was a nervous firefighting of ships on the river and the oil spill emergency drill were kicked off  with the the cry for help. These are a well-planned joint drills of“ship fire fighting and oil spill response".

The fire was suddenly started, and the sailor XXX on the steamboat first noticed the danger, "Captain, Captain, the tanker at the back of the deck of my ship caught fire!" He ran while calling for help. When hearing the shout, the captain rang a chaotic bell and issued a fire alarm. A sailor took out a dry powder fire extinguisher, quickly grabbed the upper wind, and turned on the switch at the fire point. The powder mist sprayed by the dry powder quickly enveloped the flames. At this time, on the other side of the ship, the sailor XX quickly connected the fire belt and turned on the fire hydrant. The faucet was pointed at the tanker in the arms of another sailor and began to cool the tanker. The fire was successfully extinguished after everyone was nervously fighting. However, the leaked oil began to flow down the river. Almost at the same time, the two oil boom deployment ships "Jing'an 2" and "Jing'an 8"  received emergency rescue orders to towe a 200-meter oil booms to block the oil pollution belt of the steamboat, and a high-power oil skimmer was quickly started the oil pollution collection. As for the residual oil pollution on the river surface, the staff of the steamboat immediately threw the oil absorbent pads onto the surface of the water, and the oil stain quickly stuck to pieces of the oil absorbent pads. The staffs on the oil spill recovery ship were also busy salvaging the oil absorbent pads staining oil from the river.

At this time, on the channel not far from the accident site, "Hai Xun 06306" ship, "Hai Xun 06310"ship and "Jiangsu Marine Police 759" ship were on alert, and the staffs kept directing the descending ships to avoid navigation. In order to ensure that every drill is foolproof, the Yangtze River Green Shipping staffs were responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Zhenjiang equipment warehouse braved the high temperature to check the oil spill emergency equipment and facilities one day in advance to ensure that the equipment and facilities can be put into use at any time. "We are prepared to deal with emergencies. We must maintain the facilities at any time when we have nothing to do, so as to ensure that they can be used at any critical moment." said Zhu Shouhui, manager of the Zhenjiang project department of Changhang (Wuhan) Green Shipping Technology Co., Ltd. A tense battle was ended soon. At 10:40, there was a report from the high frequency to the command center that the fire was lifted, the oil was successfully recovered, and the drill was over. From starting the emergency plan, starting the emergency treatment, eliminating the fire and controlling the diesel leakage in the car, recovering the oil pollution, to the effective treatment of the crisis, the whole process lasted nearly an hour.

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