Sheyang held maritime emergency drill


On the morning of July 14, the Sheyang Maritime pollution prevention ship-shore joint emergency drill was held in the front waters of the Sheyang Port General Wharf. This drill was the largest maritime pollution prevention emergency drill in Sheyang Port in recent years, including emergency response of accidents, maritime oil spill containment, and sea surface pollution removal. It effectively tested Sheyang Port’s early warning of accident danger reports,vommand and coordination, emergency communications, accident monitoring, oil spill handling and other aspects of handling capabilities.

It was understood that the drill was divided into two parts: land area and water area. It is hosted by the Sheyang Maritime Department of Yancheng Maritime Safety Administration, and undertaken by Jiangsu Sheyang Port Group Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Haishang Guoneng New Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. There were more than 50 people and 4 ships participated in this drill. The drill was simulated When a waste oil recycling ship was carrying out slop oil transfer at the Sheyang Port General Wharf,due to a pipeline leak, it caused about 1 ton of slop oil to flow into the port along the ship’s wall and quickly spread out. After receiving the report, the Yancheng Sheyang Maritime Department immediately activated the emergency plan, dispatched law enforcement officers and maritime patrol boats to the scene, organized nearby ships and shore-based forces to deploy oil booms, effectively contained and controlled the oil spilled waters, and carried out control of the ships. Then they cleaned the ship walls, used oil skimmers and oil absorbent pads to recover oil spilled at sea, and protected sensitive water.

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