Hongya Transportation Bureau launched 2021 water emergency rescue and actual combat joint drill


The Hongya County Transportation Bureau carried out the "2021 Hongya County water emergency rescue and actual combat drill" on Baxian Island in the reservoir area of the Caoyutan Hydropower Station.
During the drill, a total of 2 patrol boats, 5 assault boats, and 4 cruise ships were dispatched to form a unified formation to pass the rostrum neatly and uniformly across the wide Qingyi River. The drill was simulated actual combat subjects such that the crew falling into the water when the ship collision in the Qingyi River, rescue of a ship out of control, rescue of a ship in fire,island landing rescue, and anti-pollution of ship oil spill by using oil booms and oil absorbent pads. The drill has a tacit division of labor and cooperation in many aspects, including accident detection, alarm, isolation, emergency evacuation, rescue, medical assistance, etc., finally it has successfully completed the actual combat drill.

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