Ningbo Zhoushan Port Held ship chemical pollution emergency disposal drill


Ningbo Zhoushan Port hip chemical pollution emergency disposal drill in the Northern Part of Zhoushan Sea Area was kicked off in the waters in front of the Liquefaction Wharf of the Yushan Green Petrochemical Base in Zhoushan.
The drill was simulated that when the "Daiyan 1" ship was loading the dangerous chemical styrene at Yushan, the ship-to-shore connection of the loading arm was loosened and separated due to the ship's heave, sway, and arm vibration, and about 20 tons of styrene was leaked. When the deck merged into the sea, it seriously threatened the marine environment and the safety of nearby ships and personnel.
At 10 o'clock in the morning, the drill was officially begun. After "Daiyan 1" ship discovered the danger, it immediately reported to the general duty office of the Zhoushan Maritime Search and Rescue Center (Zhoushan Oil Spill Emergency Center). After receiving the report, the general duty room of the Zhoushan Maritime Search and Rescue Center (Zhoushan Oil Spill Emergency Center) quickly initiated emergency response, guided the accidental ship and Yushan Green Petrochemical Base to actively respond in accordance with their respective plans, and urgently assigned the "Hai Xun 0735" "ship,Hai Xun 0732"ship, "Hai Xun 07348" ship and "Hai Xun 07335" ship from Zhoushan Maritime Safety Administration rushed to the scene to carry out on-site inspection and vigilance tasks, and coordinated 8 professional ships including "Haian Qing 1" ship, "Zhou Gang Tug 22" ship, "Sinochem Emergency" ship and "Xin Hai Qing" ship these 8 cleanup forces to rush to the scene to assist in disposal. At the same time, the Vessel Traffic Management Center (VTS) of the Zhoushan Maritime Safety Administration implemented traffic control on the waters where the incident occurred.
After arriving in the sea area where the incident occurred, the "Hai Xun 0735" ship served as the on-site commander, and all maritime patrol boats immediately carried out security work to prohibit irrelevant ships from entering the sea area in which the incident occurred. Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. organized fire control of the incident wharf area, stopped all operations within the liquid chemical wharf, and notified unrelated ships and personnel near the incident wharf to evacuate immediately.
Under the coordination and command of the on-site headquarters, various professional pollution-removing forces quickly carried out emergency pollution-removal and containment clearance by using oil booms and chemical absorbent pads after arriving at the site, and implemented fire monitoring, flammable and poisonous gas dilution, etc. The health department provided medical assistance to the poisoned persons, and the environmental protection department provided medical assistance to the poisoned persons. The pollution of seawater was monitored, and the recovered toxic chemicals were properly disposed.
At 10:55, the accident was effectively controlled after the co-processing of all parties, the pollutants in the dock and the nearby sea area were removed, and the drill was ended. It was understood that a total of 17 ships of various types were dispatched in this exercise, and 150 people participated in the emergency response of the oil spill. The set subjects were successfully completed and the expected results were achieved.

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