Xiamen Xiang'an District held a maritime emergency comprehensive drill


Sponsored by the People's Government of Xiang'an District and undertaken by the Xiang'an Branch of Xiamen Maritime Search and Rescue Center, the "2021 Xiang'an District Maritime emergency comprehensive drill" was successfully held in the front waters of the Sanhang prefabricated yard in Xiang'an Port Area.


With the guidance and help of the Xiang'an District Government and the Xiamen Maritime Search and Rescue Center, the drill was achieved tangible results. The first is to expand the coordination and linkage capabilities of the Xiang'an Maritime Search and Rescue Sub-center. After the sub-center received a fire alarm at the terminal, it quickly guided the ship and terminal emergency team to organize self-rescue, and coordinated the local fire rescue team to participate in the fire fighting; the second is to invite environmental experts to participate in the drill for the first time . After the simulated ship oil spill occurred, the ecological environment department convened an expert group to provide professional and scientific decision-making basis for the on-site command "Hai Xun 0807" ship, effectively improved the efficiency of pollution removal by using oil booms and oil absorbent pads, and avoided ocean and shoreline pollution to the greatest extent ; The third is to highlight the actual combat capabilities of emergency teams. This drill has dispatched a total of 11 boats, 2 emergency vehicles and more than 90 participants from 9 participating units, fully demonstrated the actual combat capabilities and true levels of the emergency rescue teams.

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