Huade Company conducts maritime oil spill comprehensive emergency drills

Recently, Huade Company carried out the Maritime Oil Spill and Port Facility Security Comprehensive Emergency Drill in the 2nd berth port of the first stop of Mabianzhou. The Huizhou Port Authority and Hong Kong Guande leaders went to the scene for guidance and observation. This drill was simulated when there were no operations of the tankers in the wharf; the terrorists climbed the chain from the chord, and blasted the platform pipeline with a homemade explosive package, which causing oil leakage and fire. The oil belt drifted along the tide, the dock platform and the fire area on the sea surface was about 1000m2. Under the correct instructions of the company's command center and on-site command, reasonable arrangements for emergency disposal operations, unified and coordinated deployment of emergency resources, and effective rescue and repair. They firstly deployed the oil booms for controlling the oil spreading, then used oil absorbent pads and oil absorbent booms and finally they used extinguisher for putting out a fire. The drill was ended at 10:55 am and was achieved a complete success. In this exercise, there were 8 participating units, 6 vessels, and 80 participants participated in this drill. Through the drill, the practicality and operability of Huade Company's "Comprehensive Emergency Rescue Plan", "Special Emergency Plan for Marine Oil Spill" and "Port Facility Security Plan" was tested, which fully reflected the emergency team's handling capabilities after the oil spill and security incidents at sea.

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