Gangyang Town carried out Hailing section of refined oil pipeline spill emergency drill


In order to further improve the emergency linkage mechanism, try the emergency linkage and rescue of regional enterprises, coordinate the linkage between enterprises and enterprises, and improve the ability of joint prevention and coordinated response. Recently, the Hailing District People's Government and Sinopec Branch Yangzhou Oil Transportation Department carried out a refined oil pipeline spill emergency drill. The leaders of the District Development and Reform Commission, the District Housing and Construction Bureau, the District Safety Supervision Bureau, the District Environmental Protection Bureau, and the Fire Brigade attended and observed this drill. The relevant departments of the Gangyang Town Safety Supervision Office, Industry, Sanying Office, and Police Station also actively participated in the drill.
The drill was simulated oil leakage point is located at Yanyang Farm due to damage caused by third-party construction, which causing oil leakage, and a small amount of oil has flowed into the nearby Dawei River tributary. The emergency drill consisted of four major steps: first, emergency reporting and process disposal; second, hazard analysis and risk pre-control; third, emergency recovery; fourth, process recovery and pollution control by using chemical absorbent socks and chemical absorbent pads. Throughout the drill process, the team cooperated closely, efficiently and orderly. The whole staffs were divided into the alert communication group, the safety monitoring group, the pollution prevention and control group, the production coordination group, the emergency repair team, the logistics support group, the expert group these seven teams in the drill. They obeyed the command, done their duties, and completed the task with tension and seriousness, the drill was achieved a complete success.
Through the implementation of this oil spill emergency drill, it was not only improved the emergency response and orderly disposal abilities for emergencies, but also exercised the pollution prevention and control of the emergency team on the oil spill accident, and also helped to optimize the emergency plan and emergency report and enhanced the emergency response capability of the pipeline operations.


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