Nan'an City carried out Shijinzhen Town oil spill accident special emergency drill


In order to effectively improve the emergency plan system, prevent sudden risks, and properly handle emergencies, on January 18, Fujian Quanzhou Port Authority and Shijing Town People's Government jointly launched an oil spill accidents emergency drill at Fujian Longtian Petrochemical Co., Ltd. The leaders from the Nan'an Emergency Management Bureau, the Fire Brigade, and the Port Office participated in this drill.
The drill was simulated the when the ship was carrying out the unloading process, the dock hose was ruptured, which was causing leakage of dichloroethane. At the same time, due to the static fire during the disposal process, emergency rescue work such as fire fighting and pollution prevention was launched. It was used chemical absorbent pads and chemical absorbent booms.
The drill was a rare opportunity to test the sudden oil spill accidents response abilities of government departments and enterprises. Through field observation and mutual exchange, it was trained and improved the emergency response, coordinated operations, emergency response capabilities of emergency management personnel. It was run in the emergency linkage mechanism of relevant departments and verified the scientificity, rationality and operability of the plan. All units indicated that they will use this as an opportunity to incorporate emergency management into a more important agenda, further improve the emergency management system, and strive to improve emergency response capabilities.


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