Haicang Maritime Department organized an oil spill prevention emergency drill

On the morning of January 17, Haicamg Marine Department organized an oil spill prevention emergency drill in the Hailong Wharf. The drill was simulated the when the "Xinluquan 9" tanker was berthing at the 21# berth of Hailong Wharf, it was occurred accidental collision, then it was caused oil spill. The ship and the terminal immediately started the oil spill emergency plan, contacted the cleaning units to quickly arrive at the scene for emergency response, and the maritime, dock, crew and cleaning units cooperated in a multi-party manner to prevent oil spillage by deploying the oil booms, and removing the oil on the sea surface by using spray equipment and oil absorbent pads, finally the oil spill was effectively removed and recovered, and the drill was successfully completed. Subsequently, the law enforcement officers of Haicang Maritime Department commented on the overall situation of the drill, and put forward opinions and suggestions on some details of the exercises, then they asked the terminal units and ships to timely rectify the problems which was found in the exercise and improve the emergency plan, and continuously improve the anti-pollution emergency response capability.


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