Zhanhua held a Tuhai River waterway dredging project meeting

Recently, Zhanhua District Tuhai River waterway dredging project, comprehensive development and utilization project meeting was held.
The meeting stressed that it is necessary to quickly adjust the working conditions, fully devote to work, and start the project to advance a new journey. All members of the command department should closely follow the decision-making and deployment of the district committee, pay close attention to the implementation of various tasks, and make every effort to lay the "first flaw" after the festival to ensure the realization of the project's "opening the door".
The meeting requested that we should be ridiculed to work on its shoulders, vigorously promote the decision-making and deployment of coastal industrial belt construction in accordance with the district committee, closely focus on the key points of the work, and follow the clear division of responsibilities and tasks of the command department to come up with practical measures to ensure the smoothly progressed of the project. It is necessary to focus on the task and try our best to solve the difficult problems in the project promotion process. And the dredging project need use a large amount of silt curtains and dredger. It was requested the relevant departments do the purchase work firstly.


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