Zhangzhou Bureau launches oil spill and firefighting joint emergency drill

Recently, Zhangzhou Naxi Maritime Bureau cooperated with relevant departments to launche oil spill and firefighting joint emergency drill

At 9:30 in the morning, the duty room of Naxi Maritime Department received the alarm from the Sinopec Terminal in the jurisdiction: the metal hose at the junction of the steel approach bridge of the “Chengzheng” barge of the petrochemical terminal in the Xinxikou waters collapsed due to excessive wear and tear under high pressure. Part of the oil “splash into the river”. And the due to the electrostatic device failure, it happened spark and the fire broke out in the barge.
The "dangerous situation" was the order. The Naxi Maritime Department immediately organized the elite personnel to board the "Sea Patrol 12272" ship and rushed to the "location place" to rescue. The sea patrol ship arrived at the scene at around 10:15. First, it occupied the right bank side of the channel and commanded the coordination department's official boat and the “Environmental Protection 2” ship to lay out the oil booms and put the oil absorbent pads to carry out the residual oil recovery work. The ship issued an early warning message to inform them that the waters are dealing with “dangerous conditions” and paying attention to it when passing. Subsequently, the law enforcement officers commanded the crew of the "Sea Patrol 12272" ship to sail near the "fire" incident, and fired the "Integrity" barge with the firefighting gun of the Sinopec Pier. The fire was controlled at around 10:35, then it gradually extinguished. At around 10:50, the residual oil scattered on the river surface was basically recovered and landed.
Through this drill, the Naxi Maritime Department o and the owners and relevant administrative departments of the key dangerous terminal in the jurisdiction strengthened the oil spill prevention and pollution emergency drills, and improved the anti-pollution emergency response abilities of the relevant departments, and it had laid a solid foundation in anti-pollution attack.

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