Qingdao Jimo Maritime Department organized marine oil spill emergency drill

In order to improve the emergency response capabilities of maritime emergencies, we will rationalize the emergency response mechanism for emergencies at sea, strengthen the maritime emergency response work during major events, train the participating teams, improve the coordination level of emergency response at sea, and maintain safety traffic situation of the maritime jurisdiction. On April 22, Qingdao Jimo Maritime Department organized the “2019 Qingdao Jimo District Maritime Search and Rescue and Marine Oil Spill Response Emergency Deduction”, Jimo District Port and Shipping Administration, National Deep Sea Base, PetroChina Ao’shan Oil Depot, Ao’shan Port Co., Ltd., Women Island Port Co., Ltd., Tianhengdao Marine Shipping Company and some fishing vessel rescue and rescue volunteers participated in the deduction.
The deduction shows when the oil tanker was carrying out fuel oil loading and unloading in the Ao’shan Port, it was occurred the oil leakage, fire in the waters near the Tianheng Island and drowning personnel. The deduction process was in accordance with the "Emergency Plan for the Marine Oil Spill in Jimo District" and the Maritime Search and Rescue in Jimo District. The emergency plan required that all emergency handling procedures should be carried out conscientiously and the emergency response actions of the emergencies should be satisfactorily completed. It was used oil absorbent pads and oil booms for disposing the oil spill, and the sea patrol ship was rescued the people. After the deduction, the participating units discussed the actual work of each participating unit, supplemented the relevant coordination mechanism and the improvement of the emergency response procedure, and evaluated the effect of the exercise. Finally, the leaders of Qingdao Jimo Maritime Department summarized and evaluated the desktop deduction, and asked the participating units to clarify their responsibilities through this deduction, find out the shortcomings, and further improve the emergency response capabilities and  contribute to ensure stable situation of the “70th Anniversary of the Navy’s Army” activities.


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