Mianyang Xianhai was held a water emergency rescue drill

Recently, Mianyang Xianhai Lake was held a water emergency rescue drill for sudden fire safety accidents. The water rescue team, the land security team and the drones participated in this drill, and staged a “water, land and air” rescue thrilling moment.
In this morning, the drill was officially begun with a shot. The Xianhai District Water Emergency Rescue Unit with rich experience in ship driving and water professional rescue was the first to appear on the beautiful lake. These team members have been engaged in water safety patrols and cruise driving work for many years, which providing reliable safety for tourists' water sightseeing tours.
"Now we see that the drone accurately threw the lifebuoy to the trapped person in the shortest time..." In the rescue drill, drone rescue became a highlight. In recent years, flood disasters in various places or accidents involving drowning in deep water areas have occurred. It is difficult for traditional water rescue devices to find rescue personnel in time. Professional rescue workers and materials cannot be put in place in time, so it is easy to miss the best rescue time. The camera equipped with the drone can transmit the detailed position information related to the drowning person after monitoring the abnormal situation, then directly fly from the top of the water surface to the position of the trapped person, and put the lifebuoy to the drowning person.
Subsequently, the three subjects of emergency treatment for drowning tourists, emergency treatment of ship fire with extinguisher, and emergency treatment of oil spills with oil absorbent pads and oil booms were successively performed. The water rescue team, the medical rescue team, the firefighting, the public security police and the drone cooperated with each other to test the actual combat capabilities of the water safety accident emergency rescue team, it has accumulated practical experience.to prevent the disaster, seize the big risks, and protect the property and security of tourists lives.


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