Wuzhou Maritime Bureau held a comprehensive water emergency drill

On June 20, the Wuzhou Maritime Bureau held 2019 “Safe Production Month” comprehensive emergency drill on the dam surface of Chishui Port Terminal. Through the drill, the effectiveness of the maritime search and rescue emergency plan in Wuzhou City, as well as the water coordination and defensive preparations of the wading departments, units and institutions in the Wuzhou area, and the preparation of the contingency plan were further improved.
At 9:30 in the morning, the Wuzhou Water Search and Rescue Center received a request from the "Tongda 888" ship. According to the crew, the ship was at the berth of No. 3 at Chishui Port Terminal. When the vessel was berthed, some people fell on the starboard side. After received the information, the Zhangzhou Water Search and Rescue Center immediately sent the situation to the Chishui Port Office of the Zhangzhou Maritime Bureau. The office sent a “Sea Patrol 10525” boat to search and rescue the drowning personnel.
The scene was tense and responsive, it was a water drill organized by the Wuzhou Maritime Bureau. On the same day, Wuzhou Maritime Bureau, together with Changzhou Hydropower Company, Xijiang Group Ship Lock Branch, Guangxi Xijiang Lingang Chishui Port Co., Ltd., Jinhui Water Station and other units successively simulated personnel rescue, uncontrolled ship rescue, oil spill prevention by oil booms and oil absorbent pads these hree types of water emergencies, it was tested the coordination, resilience and the reliability of practical level mechanism, and improved the emergency assistance abilities.

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