Sanjiang River Normal dredging works was resumed

In order to further enhance the flood discharge and drainage capacity of the Sanjiang River and take into account the improvement of Sanjiang's urban landscape, the Municipal River Management Center actively promoted the implementation of the second round of normal dredging of the Sanjiang River in Ningbo. The project implementation period is three years (2018-2020), the estimated total investment is 89.293 million yuan, the total length of dredging is about 37.85 kilometers, the total amount of dredging is about 1.8 million cubic meters, and the annual dredging volume is about 600,000 cubic meters. The construction will use backhoe dredger operations,and it also will use ships with silt curtains for controlling the silt, and the dredged earthworks will transport to the designated sea dumping area by the ship for consumption.

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