Three Metaphors to Interpret President Xi Jinping's Trip to Zhejiang


The earth is verdant and full of vigor now. Since we fight against this epidemic situation, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Zhejiang for the fourth inspection.

He came to the world's largest port Zhoushan Port, walk into  industrial park that produces high-end auto parts and molds in the city of Ningbo, and then visit Yucun, Anji County, where was the born of the "Two Mountain Theory" ,and then he inspect Xixi National Wetland Park, Hangzhou City Brain Operation Command Center ... love and words in the rain make people be filled with a thousand regrets.   
In his exchanges and speeches with local cadres and the masses, Xi used three impressive metaphors. The CCTV "People Leader Xi Jinping" column shows you the deep meaning behind these metaphors.

The port is a "barometer" of changes in the national economy. In extraordinary times, touching the strong rhythm of the port can not only feel the new economic signals transmitted in the "barometer", but also see the strong resilience and potential of the Chinese economy.

The first stop of this extraordinary inspection was the Chuanshan Port District of Ningbo Zhoushan Port.The rainy Zhoushan Port is lined with bridge cranes, row upon row of the colorful containers lined in the port , and the terminal site is busy and orderly. Standing on the outdoor platform on the 12th floor of the administrative office building, the general secretary overlooked the whole port area in the rain ...
Zhoushan Port was a "blue seed" that he sowed when he was working in Zhejiang. Now it is opening and enlarging branches and reaching everywhere, along with the "Belt and Road", it was reaching more than 600 ports in more than 100 countries and regions.

As early on January 2003, Xi Jinping pointed out that "the ocean is a great advantage of Zhejiang" when he first went to Zhoushan for investigation under the cold wind, and asked "to do a great article on the marine economy." Seventeen years later, at Zhoushan Port, Xi highly praised: "Ningbo Zhoushan Port plays an important role in the building of the" Belt and Road ", the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the integration of the Yangtze River Delta.

The brimming waves delight the eye on sunny days,The dimming hills give a rare view in rainy haze.The world-class port is recovering at the right time. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, Chuanshan Port District of the Ningbo Zhoushan Port has adopted scientific and effective prevention and control measures to minimize the impact of the epidemic on production operations, and has become an important guarantee for the smooth operations of China's foreign trade industrial chain and supply chain.

At present, with the accelerated spread of overseas epidemic situations, international economic and trade activities have been seriously affected, and China's economic development is facing new challenges. Xi Jinping's inspection at Zhoushan Port is not only an encouragement to speed up the resumption of production, but also declares that China is making efforts to maintain the stability of the global industrial supply chain.
"Crisis and challenge always coexist with each other, and overcoming the crisis will be an opportunity." Whether it is the country's policy package for small and medium-sized private enterprises, or the deployment of strategic emerging industries and the future industries such as the digital economy, life and health, new materials,  ... The Chinese economy, bravely standing on the tide and prevailing in fashion, solidly strengthening the "Chinese foundation", but also boosting the morale of the world economic recovery and highlighting China's role.

The rain moistens all things, and the plants are fragrant. The Spring in Xixi Wetland,hundreds of flowers are blooming for welcoming the visiting tourists. What surprised many tourists was that they also met General Secretary Xi Jinping who was investigating here.


On March 31, Xi Jinping came to Xixi National Wetland Park to investigate and follow the Lv Causeway and the Fu Causeway to check the protection and utilization of wetland. Along the way,Xi was greeted by people touring the park, and Xi Jinping waved back to express his regards.

After the epidemic is eased, Xixi National Wetland Park, as one of the first "resumed" scenic spots in Hangzhou, reopened from March 20, and started online reservations and free tours for tourists.

Placing this rainy and Luxuriant Xixi Wetland, Xi Jinping emphasized: "Water is the soul of the wetland, and the beauty of natural ecology is the most intrinsic and most important beauty of the Xixi wetland. We must unswervingly put protection first and try our best to maintain the wetland ecology and water environment. "

A metaphor about water which vividly illustrates Xi Jinping's concept of green development. A "gorgeously turned" Xixi wetland is a true portrayal of the general secretary's ecological civilization thought.

Today’s Xixi, plums are blooning, and the fishing village are rainy. It is hard to imagine that at the beginning of this century, due to over-exploitation and disorderly development, there were cross-flows of sewage and overgrown weeds. There were enterprise factories scattered along the roadside, and messy residential houses dotted the streets. A large number of predecessors' poems, plaques, and inscriptions remaining in the local area were lost.

In September 2003, under the leadership of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, the Xixi Wetland Comprehensive Protection Project was officially launched, and Xixi Wetland ushered in new changes. On April 30, 2005, Xixi National Wetland Park was opened. The then Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter, which hoping to further improve the protection, management, operations and research of Xixi Wetland, making Xixi Wetland more beautiful and make Hangzhou more beautiful.

After the concept has changed, The Xixi Wetland has embarked on a benign development path, paid more attention to the protection of the original ecology, they took water as the soul, and carefully cared for the gift of nature to mankind, lay out production, residence and environmental functions in urban planning. It was become an important resource for the construction of a livable city where humans and nature coexist and thrivein harmony. 

During his inspection, Xi Jinping urged: "To protect the West Lake and Xixi Wetland as a clear direction for Hangzhou's urban development and governance,to better lay out production, residence and environmental functions in urban planning to create a residents-friendly city where humans and nature coexist and thrive in harmony.

A wetland and a city, you can see the epitome of a country. Flowers are blooming in spring, green are shading the sun in summer, reeds are raising like snow in autumn, and the plums are sparsely reflecting in winter. It has become a poetic habitat where people can see mountains, water, and remember nostalgia.

Under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, people deeply rethought the relationships between man and nature. The footprint of the general secretary is more confirmed that only green development can achieve higher-quality development and achieve harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Yucun, a once-famous and mine-polluted village, is now full of green bamboos and brook tinkling nearby.
On March 30, in the drizzle, Xi Jinping inspected the appearance of the village and the growth of crops along the greenway of the village, and saw that the villagers were clearing the lotus pond. Xi Jinping walked to the edge of the field, exchanged ideas with the villagers, and asked about the situation of spring cultivation.

"We saw the general secretary coming, and we all leaned over. Everyone was talking by the road. The general secretary stood among us, he was very approachable, and asked us," How is the salary calculated? How much farm work do you usually do? " Recalling the scene at that time, the villager Cao Jiefang smiled.

On August 15, 2005, Xi Jinping first proposed the concept of " lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets". In the past 15 years, under the guidance of this concept, Yu Village has relied on "bamboo sea" resources and beautiful natural environment to develop white tea and chair industries according to local conditions. They also opened home stays and farmhouses, started rafting, and vigorously developed the ecological leisure tourism economy.

Ecology has never been isolated. It is closely bounded up with the people's livelihood and happiness and sense of gain, it is the key to farmers' sense of gain and happiness with strong agriculture, beautiful village and peasants 'wealth .

In 2019, Yu Village achieved a total rural economic income of 279.6 million yuan and a per capita income of farmer was 49,598 yuan, It has become a well-known model village for comprehensive moderately prosperous construction.

The development path of Yucun is a demonstration and alos is a window. It did not become inaccessible after they turned off the "milch cow ", however the developing road became wider and wider.

Xi Jinping said: "We must make greater efforts to promote the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside, promote the rural economy, the rule of law, the culture of the village, the governance of the village, the ecology of the village, and the strengthening of the party building in the countryside, so that the lives of the villagers are now rising.

A beautiful and vivid metaphor embodies Xi Jinping's concern for people's lives and his expectation of rural revitalization.Xi Jinping used this metaphor in many places such as Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia and Henan, it conveyed the same concept and affection.The implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization is a great construction. We must make overall plans and advance scientifically. Xi mentioned the issue of the effective connection between comprehensive poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in the Symposium on March 6,2020, focusing on a better tomorrow for the vast rural areas after poverty alleviation.As General Secretary Xi Jinping said: “Being lifted out of poverty is not an end in itself but the starting point of a new life and a new pursuit”.


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