Hanjiang Chaozhou section held a water emergency joint drill


Recently, the 2020 Chaozhou City Drinking Water Source Environmental Incidents water search and rescue emergency drill of was held.
At the simulation site of the drill, an ascending cargo ship along the Hanjiang River section passed through the hub lock and collided with a descending cargo ship in the waters downstream of Dongxi Bridge of Chaozhou Bridge. The accident caused damage to the cabin of the ascending cargo ship, occured the oil spills and its deck was fired. Subsequently, a crew member of the descending cargo ship fell into the water and his leg wass injured. The main engine of the ship was damaged and lost power and lost control and drifted towards the downstream hub dam. After the accident, the two ships reported to the Chaozhou Maritime Search and Rescue Center and requested help.
Through the efforts of all parties, the people who fell into the water were rescued in time, the injured were treated, the damaged cabin of the accident ship was effectively controlled, the fire was extinguished, the out-of-control ship was towed to anchor in safe waters, the oil pollution on the water surface was removed by using oil booms and oil absorbent pads, the danger of the two ships was relieved, and the exercise was ended.


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