Basuo Maritime Safety Administrations organized the first unscripted comprehensive oil spill emergency drill


Basuo Maritime Safety Administration and Basuo Maritime Search and Rescue Sub-center organized the first unscripted comprehensive oil spill emergency drill in the second loading area of Basuo Port. Dongfang City Emergency Management Bureau, Hainan Basuo Port Co., Ltd. and many other related Units and enterprises jointly participated in this exercise.
At 9 a.m., when the "Fuchi" ship was berthed at the hazardous chemical terminal,a sudden strong convective weather was occurred during unloading. The instantaneous strong wind accompanied by strong lightning caused the ship to pull off the shore oil pipeline arm,Both the sea and the ship’s deck suffered from oil spill pollution, the ship’s deck caught fire and lost power due to failure.
The duty officers of the Basuo Maritime Safety Bureau immediately activated the emergency plan after receiving the police verification, coordinated the rescue forces such as terminal firefighting, tugboats, and clean-up ships to rush to the scene, and assigned maritime emergency law enforcement personnel to the scene to conduct ship firefighting, personnel first aid and evacuation, and marine oil spills containment and recovery by using oil booms and oil absorbent pads, ship emergency towing, marine environment monitoring and other emergency response work.
After coordinated disposal, the open fire of the accident ship was extinguished at 10 am, and the people on the ship were evacuated and medical rescue was carried out; at 11 am, the cleaning vessel completed the control and recovery of the oil spilled at sea; at 11:30 am, the tugboat was planned to tow on site, At this point, the accident disposal was successfully completed and the drill was ended successfully.

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