Hai’an Waterway carried out maintenance dredging

The Yuexi Waterway Affairs Center organized a safety coordination meeting for the maintenance dredging construction of Hai'an waterway, discussed the dredging construction plan, and strived to complete the construction tasks before the Chinese National Day. Guangdong Qiongzhou Strait Ferry Transportation Office, Zhanjiang Maritime Bureau Xuwen Office, Guangdong Xuwen Port Airlines Holdings Co., Ltd. and other relevant units attended the meeting.
On the same day, on the basis of understanding the navigation environment of the working waters, the participants discussed the project implementation plan carefully, clarified the responsibilities of all parties and ensured the safety of construction. It is reported that the Hai'an waterway included the Hai'an (passenger port) waterway and the Hai'an Xingang (Lizhi Bay) waterway. It is the busiest sea transportation channel connecting Guangdong Province and Hainan Province. It is known as the “Golden Waterway” of Yueqiong, in order to ensure the safety of the navigation channel, especially to ensure the safety of the Qiongzhou Strait in the Spring Festival of 2020, the Western Guangdong Waterway Affairs Center plans ahead, actively promotes the dredging of the Hai'an waterway, and strives to complete the construction tasks before the National Day. It was used silt curtains and dredger for waterway dredging.

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