Minhou County launched inland traffic emergency rescue drill

On the morning of August 29, the Minhou County Transportation Bureau, the local marine department of the city and county, the county emergency management bureau and related water transportation enterprises jointly carried out inland traffic emergency rescue drill in the upper reaches of the Ganzhu Bridge, Mijiang waters.
The drill was divided into water intake anti-oil pollution, ship out of control, ship fire treatment, drowning personnel rescue and other subejcts. At 9 o'clock in the morning, the drill was officially begun. The command center received a report that 100 meters upstream of the Qingqi water intake, there was a large amount of oil drifting in the direction of the water intake, posing a risk of pollution. After received the report, the command center immediately launched an emergency plan, dispatched two rescue vessels, and rushed to the incident waters to urgently dispose the on-site oil pollution through measures such as deploying oil booms, throwing oil absorbent pads and spraying oil dispersants.
At this time, the command center received the report again that a ship on the voyage collided with another ship at the 500 meters upstream of the Qingqi water intake. One of the ships had 10 passengers. The ship lost power, then drifted to the Ganzhu Bridge. If we didn’t dispose in time, the ship would hit the pier. After received the report, the two large cargo ships quickly dispatched, surrounded the out-of-control ships, and jointly dragged them to safe waters to control the occurrence of "dangerous situations" in a timely manner.
After a wave of unrest, the command center received another report: a ship was on fire due to overload of electrical equipment, the fire was spread and the situation was very critical! The crew immediately stopped the ship and broke down, extinguished the fire, transferred the personnel, and reported to the command center. The command center ordered the deployment of multi-functional rescue boats and other ships to participate in the rescue, and then the fire was controlled.
During the personnel transfer checkpoint, the rescuers found that one crew member was unknown. The command center immediately dispatched a rescue ship to the accident waters for searching and finding the drowning crew. They found that the crew was drifted to the downstream. The rescuers immediately placed the lifebuoy and quickly rescued the drowning person into the boat and sent him to the hospital urgently.
Chen Dengjian, the person in charge of the Minhou county local maritime department, told the reporter that the inland river traffic emergency rescue joint drill aims to further test the practicality and operability of the county river water traffic emergency plan, and further improve the emergency response capacities of the water emergency. It was maximized the prevention and reduction of inland water traffic accidents, and also accumulated valuable experience for preventing water disasters during typhoon.

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