Zhuqiaodian Banqiao Reservoir organized water pollution emergency drill in the drinking water sources


Zhuqiaodian Banqiao Reservoir organized water pollution emergency drill in the drinking water sources. At 10 am, the drill was officially kicked off. The simulation exercise scenario is that when the gasoline tanker truck was driving in the southern half of Machongqiao, the 333 provincial highway upstream of the Banqiao Reservoir, the rolled over and leaked, and some gasoline overflew from the diversion trough into the river, resulting in water pollution in the upstream river of the Banqiao Reservoir and it was directly threaten the water quality of the downstream Banqiao Reservoir  . After the accident, the staff on duty at the Banqiao Reservoir Emergency Headquarters Office reported the accident to the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau as soon as possible. After received the report, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau reported the relevant situation to the municipal government and relevant departments according to the nature of the incident. According to the "Emergency Plan for Environmental Suddenness of Drinking Water Sources of Banqiao Reservoir in Zhumadian City", it was initially determined as a four-level early warning standard and a four-level response was initiated. After received the task, the emergency team immediately rushed to the scene and took effective prevention and control measures to successfully handle the sudden environmental pollution incident and ensure the environmental safety of the drinking water source in our city. They used oil booms for controlling the oil and then throwing oil absorbent pads for absorbing and cleaning the oil.


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