Rural river improvement

Since the beginning of this year, Tinghu District has earnestly implemented the plans for ecological management of rural rivers at higher levels and refined its work plan. The objective is to restore river irrigation and drainage functions, improve the rural water ecological environment, improve the quality of life of the people, and create a harmonious human-water society, solid progress the  Actions for ecological improvement of rural rivers. This year, the total investment of the rural river channel ecological treatment project in our district is 21.62 million yuan, and 135 large, medium and small ditches, 189 kilometers, and 2.43 million cubic meters are planned for dredging by using silt curtains and excavators, including 5 large ditches with 29 kilometers length and 550,000 cubic meters dredging works, and 34 medium size ditches with 81 kilometers length and 1.04 million cubic meters dredging works, 96 small ditches with 79 kilometers length and 840,000 cubic meters dredging works.

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