Gezhouba hub waters conducted oil spill emergency response drill during dry season

At 10:15 in the morning, the Sanxia Maritime Bureau Miaozui Law Enforcement Brigade passed the rush of "alarm" in the VHF: "Miaozui Law Enforcement Brigade, I am 'Hongta No. 1' oil tanker, I was hitting the reef near the dock of Gezhouba No. 5 Company, the fuel in current engine room has leaked, we asked for help!” “Hongta No. 1” oil tanker is a water refueling vessel. Once a leak occured, the consequences were unimaginable. The Nanjinguan Law Enforcement Brigade immediately reported the “dangerous situation”, and the Gezhouba Maritime Department quickly launched the ship oil spill emergency plan, and reported the “dangerous situation” to the duty room of the Sanxia Maritime Bureau according to the procedures. In an instant, the water rescue forces of various roads split up and cooperated, and a ship rescue emergency “rescue war” officially kicked off.
"Sea Patrol 31923" ship and "Sea Patrol 31908" ship were assigned to the "Accident Waters". The river surface has formed an "oil spill zone" of about 8 meters in length and about 2 meters in width. "Sea Patrol 31908" ship quickly rescued three crew members in distress. And cooperated with "Sea Patrol 31923" ship to carry out traffic control of passing ships;
"Sea Patrol 3910" ship and Qianlong Professional Rescue Company divers are responsible for underwater breach detection and plugging work; "Sea Patrol 31926" ship quickly formed with "Floating Crane No. 2" ship to carry the oil booms, oil skimmer, oil absorbent pads and oil dispersant to rush to the scene to carry out oil spill recovery work together with the social rescue force “Environment No. 28”ship: equipment lifting, assembly, launching, oil booms deployment, oil skimmers opening, oil absorbent pads throwing, oil dispersant spraying and various oil spill emergency disposal procedures were in good order. At 12:30 on the same day, the oil spill in the “accident waters” was smoothly recovered and the river surface was restored.

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