Guanghan: Emergency environmental incidents drill


In order to improve the sudden environmental incidents response abilities, prevent and effectively deal with sudden environmental incidents, Guanghan recently launched a joint emergency environmental drill in the high-tech western district.
The simulation background of the drill is: oil-related enterprises in the Jiangjia River Basin of Deyang High-tech West District Park occurred oil leakage, the emergency treatment pool system was out of control, the valve gate could not be closed normally, and a large amount of oily wastewater entered into the Jiangjia River directly. After the dangerous situation occurred, Guanghan immediately launched an emergency plan, quickly disposed it, and carried out monitoring work with relevant equipment and vehicles.
Subsequently, oil absorbent pads, rice straws and other materials were laid in the polluted river sections to intercept and adsorb pollutants, and the water environment quality was monitored to grasp the real-time pollution situation. After more than ten minutes of effort, the water quality in the river has basically returned to normal. After on-site investigation, there was no impact on the surrounding environment and the situation was effectively controlled.

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