Jiujiang Wuxue Maritime Department participated in the Xinjiu Waterway Regulation Project comprehensive drill

In order to further improve the emergency response capabilities of the second phase construction team of Xinjiu Waterway Regulation project, deepen the construction of the safety Yangtze River and the beautiful Yangtze River, and prevent the major safety and water pollution risks, the Jiujiang Wuxue Martime Department actively participated in the water safety and environmental protection emergency search and rescue comprehensive drill. This drill was based on the channel improvement from the Xinzhou section of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River to Jiujiang River Section. Combined with the actual construction of the project, it was simulated various possible emergency and dangerous scenarios, comprehensively inspected and trained emergency measures of related departments, and disposed the procedures with contrapuntal and effectiveness and finally ensured a stable security situation in the construction area.
At 09:30 on May 24, the drill was officially kicked off with the launch of the red signal flare. The drill was simulated in the construction waters of the Xinjiu Waterway construction waters; a ship was fired by smoking of a construction worker. It was very likely to cause a major safety accident. After received the report, Jiujiang Maritime Bureau urgently launched an emergency plan, dispatched the Wuxue Maritime Department's “Sea Patrol 12254” boat to the scene to organize rescue, coordinated the public security, medical and other forces to rush to the scene to help, and guided the engineering project department and the operation vessel to start self-help. During the exercise, the maritime rescue forces actively directed the rescue ship to extinguish the fire at the fire point, transfered the unrelated personnel, and issued a navigation warning, carried out on-site water surface warning to prevent the intrusion of unrelated ships. After nearly 20 minutes of emergency rescue, the fire on the scene was completely extinguished. . After the fire was extinguished, two workers on the fireboat accidentally fell into the water and drifted downstream. After received the report, the on-site command immediately issued a navigation warning, and the rescued ship was directed to rescue the drowning personnel. After the rescue and care, the patients were rushed to the hospital.
Subsequently, the drill was simulated a yellow sand ship forced into the construction area without dissuasion, , because the propeller wrapped around the float wire, then it was out of control, it hit the engineering ship, causing the engineering ship to break into the water. After receivd the report, the Jiujiang Maritime Bureau urgently dispatched the "Sea Patrol 12254" boat to the scene to organize rescue, commanded the distressed engineering ship to urgently carry out pumping and plugging, and coordinated the rescue tug to disengage the uncontrolled yellow sand boat from the construction waters. After the collision occurred, due to the leakage of part of the hydraulic oil in the ship in distress, an oil spill occurred in the river. After the on-site command was received, the project ship was immediately commanded to cut off the pollution source, and the cleanup force was deployed oil booms to carry out the control of the oil spill, and used the oil absorbent pads to recover the oil spill to ensure that all oil spills on the river surface are removed.
After the drill was completed, the maritime law enforcement officers commented on the exercise. The exercises were close to the actual construction site, the situation was set up reasonably, the exercise process was organized and compact, and the rescue forces was disciplined, responsive and fully demonstrating. The project department's emphasis on water emergencies and the level of emergency response highlight the rapid response effect of the participating units and social assistance forces in their respective roles, close coordination, and overall linkage, and enhance the rescue of people on the water and ship rescue. And the water body anti-pollution emergency disposal capabilities have accumulated valuable practical experience for water emergency rescue.

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