2019 Taizhou water search and rescue comprehensive drill was held


On the afternoon of September 23, the 2019 Taizhou water search and rescue comprehensive drill was successfully held in the Taizhou section of the Yangtze River. The drill was hosted by the Taizhou Municipal People's Government and was jointly undertaken by Taizhou Maritime Bureau, Taizhou Emergency Management Bureau, Taizhou Municipal Transportation Bureau, Taizhou Ecological Environment Bureau and Taizhou Health and Health Committee.
The drill was simulated when an oil tanker "Taiyou No. 2 was leaving the H wharf, it was out of control. It collided with a ship "Ecological No. 1" that sailed normally in the ascending channel, three crew members on the tanker fell into the water and some biodiesel leaked into the river. When the collision was occured, a crew member on the deck of the ship was carrying out an open fire operations. The collision caused the work site to catch fire. The working crew members were severely burned and urgently needed to be transported to Shanghai for treatment. Due to the failure of the steering gear, the sea course deviated and crashed into the middle tower of the main bridge of Taizhou Bridge, which seriously threatened the navigation safety of the waters in the bridge area.
During the drill, the participating departments and units responded promptly and scientifically, and the UAV, the clean-up ships, the fire-fighting ships, the unmanned life-saving ships and other equipment boats were coordinated and fully responded, successfully completed the ship collision, drowning personnel rescue, and the wounded transfer, oil pollution cleaning by using oil booms and oil absorbent pads and bridge collision.

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