Dazu: Dredging and planting aquatic plants in rivers

After more than one year of comprehensive dredging and ecological restoration of the Yongding River in this area, the concentration of pollutants has gradually decreased, the water quality has shown a positive trend, and it has initially reached the standard of the water environment functional zone.
While vigorously implementing the sewage outfall regulation, river dredging and ecological restoration were implemented. It was dredged 4.7 kilometers in severe sections of river bottom sludge, sterilization and disinfection of bank slopes, and construction of submerged dams were implemented. it was used silt curtains for controlling the silt and then cleaned it. It was also planted 30,000 square meters of aquatic plants such as cannabis, parasol, iris, and water lilies near the river, it can effectively absorb nitrogen and phosphorus to notify water pollutants, which can not only purify water quality, improve ecology, but also play a role in optimizing and beautifying the environment.

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