CNPC Offshore Emergency Center conducts crude oil pipeline emergency drill


On July 15, the CNPC Offshore Emergency Response Center and the No. 5 Oil Production Plant of Dagang Oilfield jointly carried out a comprehensive crude oil pipeline emergency drill.
The drill was simulated the leakage of the South-West pipeline,which was 1,000 meters away from the oil production plant of Dagang Oilfield. The leaked crude oil has flowed into the Qingjinghuang River. After the occurrence of the danger, the fifth oil production plant immediately initiated emergency response to the emergency of the oil production plant's class III oil and gas pipeline. The Dagang Rescue Station of the PetroChina Offshore Emergency Center organized personnel to install oil skimmers and put them on the sea hunter recovery vessel.
Rescue personnel deployed the first oil booms with 20 meters downstream of the oil spill point according to the current situation to prevent the oil from spilling into the sea. Subsequently, the offshore oil skimmer was used to recover the spilled oil by using oil skimmers; the drone quickly took off to patrol the site; the inspection team surveyed the site, observed the wind directions, and did a good job of monitoring the ambient gas and water quality; the rescue team executed the on-site command instructions and organized in accordance with the rescue plan ,repaired leaks and blocked the source of leaks.
This drill was further improved the coordination and comprehensive handling capabilities of rescue forces when encountering emergencies, and tested the suitability and operability of the cross-regional "River Oil Spill Emergency Response Plan" for oilfield companies.

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