The 2020 Shandong Port hazardous chemical accidents emergency drill was successfully held


The 2020 Shandong Port hazardous chemical accidents emergency drill was successfully held in Rizhao. The drill closely followed the actual combat and adopted advanced animation simulation and 3D modeling "digital" analysis technology to review the 3 accidents that occurred in our province in recent years. The whole process was simulate,such as the cause, course, and harmful consequences of the accident were simulated, it was started from the leak in the tank loading operations, to the out-of-control event causing an explosion, and further involving serious fires in the nearby petrochemical storage areas and oil storage areas, then it was causing oil tanks to explode and fire and crude oil to leak into the sea. Rizhao City immediately initiated emergency response and quickly mobilized 9 working groups including the comprehensive coordination group, the field rescue group, the expert steering group, the public opinion group, the traffic control group, the medical rescue group, the field information group, the evacuation settlement group and the emergency support group. For emergency response work, the professional rescue team for hazardous chemicals, the fire rescue team and the marine emergency force were immediately mobilized to carry out emergency rescue. The drill was divided into three phases: "Enterprise Emergency Response", "District Level Emergency Response" and "Provincial and Urban Joint Disposal". A total of 14 subjects were set, it included "Initial fire fighting in chemical plants", "Dangerous chemical leakage process disposal", "Offshore oil spill accident handling(by deploying oil booms and oil absorbent pads)", "Spherical tank area cooling and explosion suppression", "Offshore oil recovery", "Quick leak stoppage under pressure", "Emergency evacuation" these subjects. A total of more than 500 rescuers in 23 teams were mobilized, 57 vehicles and 9 ships were dispatched. Through the drill, the rapid response and joint warfare mechanism of the upper and lower linkages and the integration of the sea and the land were tested, and the combined operations capabilities of multiple departments and arms were exercised, and port hazardous chemical accidents disposal experience was accumulated.

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