Hebei sea area held "Land, Sea, Air and Space" Integrated ship oil spill emergency drill

On June 3, the 2021 Hebei “Land, Sea, Air and Space” integrated ship oil spill emergency drill was held in the Qinhuangdao waters.

The drill was based on the theme of "Science and Technology enhance Efficiency, Linkage have cohesion of joint forces", and simulated when an oil tanker was transferring cargo oil in the cabin near the central area of Qinhuangdao, the pipeline rupture, and then caused 120 tons of fuel oil to enter into the sea. If it is not effective in time to deal with the dangerous situation, it will have a serious impact on the sea area and coastal environment near Beidaihe.

After receiving the alarm, the ship pollution emergency command center quickly initiated an emergency response and immediately coordinated the emergency response forces to reach at the incident sea area. When the ship pollution emergency command center made full use of "land"-based platforms such as oil spill drift prediction software, Anhang guards, and oil sample testing laboratories, then “sea"-based euqipments were also used, such as mmarine cruise ships, professional cleaning vessels, and underwater robots,"Air"-based platforms such as high-altitude surveillance drones wese used for this drill,then towed command drones and monitoring satellites and communication satellites and other "space"-based platforms were also used.

The drill was included 14 subjects including ship traffic organization, leak stoppage, fire prevention, oil sample detection, oil spill three-dimensional monitoring , oil spill containment and removal by using oil booms and oil absorbent pads. There were 14 units with more than 200 people, 13 boats, and 4 boats,man-machines and a variety of new oil spill emergency response equipment participated in the drill.


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