Huangpu Maritime launched environmental day pollution prevention drill


As the 50th World Environment Day is approaching, on the afternoon of June 4th, the Huangpu Maritime Safety Administration and relevant units of the jurisdiction jointly conducted a pollution prevention emergency drill in the waters of the Huangpu River Huilong Wharf, aiming to inspect and upgrade the anti-pollution emergency response capabilities of shipowners and cleanup units in the jurisdiction ,and to build a beautiful riverside wit harmony between man and nature.

At 16:00 that day, the drill was officially begun. When the "Donghai 210" ship  was carrying out loading and unloading of oil at the terminal, an oil spill accident was occured. The ship quickly activated the emergency plan, and the crew carried out rescue operations according to the contingency schedule and reported to the maritime department at the same time. After receiving the report, the command center of the Huangpu Maritime Safety Administration immediately assigned the "Hai Xun 01705" ship and the Hai Xun 01037 ship to rush to the scene for emergency response, and coordinated the emergency cleanup force "Huhuan Cargo 112" ship to the oil spill site for containment and control and cleaned up the oil spill from the river. At 16:05, the "Hai Xun 01705" ship and "Hai Xun 01037" ship arrived at the scene, they were responsible for on-site command, coordinating and arranging of emergency forces, and then they cooperated with the command center to maintain the navigation order of the waters at the accident site and ensured the safety of navigation during the cleanup process. After the ship "Huhuan Cargo 112" arrived at the scene, in accordance with the emergency cleanup procedures, the oil booms and oil absorbent pads were arranged as soon as possible to control and recover the oil spill. With the cooperation of all parties, the spilled oil on the river was cleared and the drill was ended successfully.

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