Carrying out environmental protection emergency drill to improve emergency response capabilities


In order to establish and improve the emergency management mechanism for emergent environmental pollution incidents and improve the emergent environmental incidents response abilities of enterprises, the Shouguang Branch of the Weifang Ecological Environment Bureau, the Yangkou Town Government, and the Qinghe Oil Production Plant of Sinopec Jianghan Oilfield Branch carried out a large-scale emergency drill from the Nankuai Station to the Lianhe Station in YangkouBamianhe Qinghe Oilfield, which was simulated the perforation of the oil pipeline caused the water body of the collapsed river to pollute the land.

After receiving the report,the oil production management area quickly initiated the emergency treatment procedures for water pollution caused by oil and gas pipeline leakage, and implemented on-site disposal. Qinghe Oil Production Plant established interconnection and intercommunication with the emergency command center of Jianghan Oilfield Branch through mobile video monitoring systems and other equipment to realize remote monitoring and command. From initial enterprise disposal to accident escalation, it requested government and departments to increase staffs, mutual assistance and joint corporate rescue, and the whole process was actual combat. Through enterprise-land joint disposal, pipelines were successfully blocked, oil spills were effectively intercepted and recovered by using oil absorbent booms and oil absorbent pads, and the danger was under control. This emergency drill has improved the sudden environmental emergencies disposal abilities of companies, enhanced the collaboration and coordination capabilities of the company and the government, and laid the foundation for the effective maintenance of regional environmental safety.

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