China Petroleum Maritime Emergency Rescue Response Center conducted external fire fighting drill

On May 29, On the sea near the Caofeidian Liquefied Wharf in Tangshan, Hebei, China Petroleum Maritime Emergency Rescue Response Center "China Oil Emergency 103 Ship" is conducting external fire fighting drill. In recent years, with the development of economic globalization, the trend of large-scale and high-speed sea vessels has become obvious. The transportation of hazardous chemicals such as crude oil and natural gas has been increasing, and the risk of major marine oil spills has increased. China Petroleum Maritime Emergency Rescue Response Center continuously improved the practical exercise abilities, set up basic subject training, emergency response training, ship project training, comprehensive project training, special equipment trainin these 5 training; they also added emergency communication training and large equipment training, it was provided a protection for the rapid and decisive handling of incidents at sea.
At present, an emergency network covering 18 rescue stations in Liaohe, Dagang and Jidong, and 18 oil spill emergency materials reserve points in Dalian, Haikou and Qinzhou is gradually taking shape, these oil spill products included oil absorbent pads, oil booms,oil skimmers and so on. With these things, China Petroleum's maritime emergency rescue response capabilities will be further enhanced.

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