Ningde Baimagang Maritime Department organized a maritime ship oil spill emergency drill

In order to improve the emergency command, coordination and disposal capacities of maritime emergencies in the jurisdiction, and strengthen the regional emergency assistance linkage and cooperation, on July 24, Ningde Baimagang Maritime Department jointly organized Fujian Qingtuo Logistics Co., Ltd. and Ningda Liqing Cleaning Co., Ltd. to carry out 2019 oil spill emergency comprehensive drill.
The drill was simulated the "Jin'an 166" tanker of Fuan City Jinan Steamship Co., Ltd. was damaged when it was berth at Qingtuo 12-13, the oil tank accident occurred in the engine room, and diesel leaked into the sea. After received the report, the Ningde Maritime Department Baima Port immediately launched an emergency plan, they quickly dispatched the cleanup forces, set up an on-site command team, dispatched a warning ship to the scene to implement the alert, prevented passing ships from passing through the accident waters, and dispatched the clean-up operation ships to the site for deploying oil booms, oil absorbent pads and spraying oil dispersant for preventing oil from spreading, and used the oil skimmer to recover the oil on the sea surface. After an hour of emergency disposal, the oil was finally effectively controlled and recovered, and the drill was achieved a complete success.
This drill was dispatched 4 ships and more than 50 participants. Through the exercise, the emergency response capabilities of each participating unit was effectively exercised, and the performance status of the oil spill equipment of the professional cleaning unit in the jurisdiction was re-examined, and the actual combat experience was further accumulated, which laid a solid foundation for the emergency response of the oil spill in the jurisdiction.

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