Yueyang Maritime Bureau carry out water search and rescue emergency drill

In order to further improve the maritime search and rescue command and emergency response capabilities, and do a good job in the safety supervision of loading and unloading and transportation of dangerous chemicals on the water, on July 26, Yueyang Maritime Bureau united with Hunan Provincial Water Traffic Safety Monitoring and Command Center, Yueyang Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and Yueyang City Maritime Bureau to conduct a water search and rescue drill.
At 9 o'clock in the morning, with the command of the chief commander, the drillers quickly entered the state of preparations. The Dongting Lake Water Emergency Rescue Command Center of Yueyang City received an alarm call. The dangerous chemical ship No. 1 was in poor visibility in the Nanyuepo waters, and collided with the general cargo ship No. 1, and 5 personnel from the general cargo No. 1 fell into the water. The cabin wall of the chemical ship No. 1 was damaged, and the diesel fire and leakage occurred. After received the alarm call, the Dongting Lake Water Emergency Rescue Command Center of Yueyang City immediately launched an emergency plan for emergency disposal, issued a navigation notice, implemented traffic control on the incident waters, and quickly organized the rescue of the people in distress and the ship, and started CCTV, AIS and VHF Water rescue communication command system. After a tense and orderly organization, coordination, and command and rescue, all the five drowning personnel were rescued and safely transferred. The ship fire was extinguished, the oil spill was controlled by oil booms, the oil was effectively removed by oil absorbent pads and oil skimmer, and the ship in distress was salvaged and towed to safe waters.
It is reported that this drill has gathered 17 ships from the maritime, public security, armed police, fire, water and other departments. The drill was included life rescue, ship fire, water pollution control and removal, and ship salvage and towing. Liu Guoping, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Water Transportation Administration, said that the exercise was quick, orderly and organized, and achieved the overall expected effect, it was further improved the emergency response capabilities of the water traffic safety management department and ensured maximum protection of the people's lives and property in the event of a dangerous situation.


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