Nanjing local maritime department held a water anti-pollution emergency joint drill

Today, the water law enforcement personnel from Anhui Chuzhou, Ma'anshan and Xuancheng Local Maritime Bureaus and Departments gathered in the beautiful Qinhuai River, they carried out inland river water pollution prevention emergency joint drills, the aim is to improve the water traffic safety and ship pollution emergencies disposal abilities of the maritime sectors, and demonstrate the determination and confidence of local maritime security and development.
There were 3 courses in this drill, which are the comprehensive skills display of the water emergency rescue team, ship fire rescue, and ship oil spill disposal.
Water emergency rescue team comprehensive skills display: including boat formation driving technology, boat self-rescue, water life rescue (including drone launch rescue equipment, surface rescue, etc.).
Ship fire rescue: it was simulated the ship deck cargo fire, the crew carried out self-rescue and alarmed, the maritime department quickly disposed after receiving the report, and evacuated the distress crew in the first time and extinguished the fire.
Ship oil spill disposal: it was simulated ship reef collision accidents, resulting in fuel tank oil spillage. After received the report, the maritime department quickly organized the sea patrol boats to go to the scene to deploy the oil booms and throw the oil absorbent pads to control and clear the oil spill at the accident site.

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