Liuzhou launched 2019 water emergency comprehensive drill

Recently, 2019 Baili Liujiang water emergency comprehensive drill was held in Jinglan Aquatic Center waters. The theme of this drill was to ensure the environmental safety of the people on the water and to help the economic development of water transportation in Liuzhou. There were 20 participating units, 28 ships, about 123 participants, and about 19 vehicles (environmental monitoring, diving search and rescue, meteorological and hydrological observations) participated in this drill, and it was the largest comprehensive water emergency drill in recent years, which was held by Liuzhou Water Search and Rescue Center.
This drill was simulated the dangerous situation: in the upper reaches of the Liuli Liujiang urban area, due to the impact of continuous rainfall, the Liujiang water level rised rapidly, a ship had a anchoring accident, and a cross-water ferry was collided with this ship when was avoiding the anchoring ship, and then it caused the danger, the fire was happened in the living compartment of the dangerous chemicals ship; the dangerous chemicals ship was threatened by the safety of the public drinking water; some diesel oil and engine leaked into the river, causing the water surface pllution; the passenger ferry main engine was stalled, the ship broke down, trapped in the river, three passengers on the boat fell into the water, and 10 passengers were trapped. Two crew members on the dangerous chemicals ship fell into the water, and the life safety of the personnel was threatened. The anchored ship was out of control and drifted downstream. There was a danger of collision with downstream bridges and power stations. The situation was very critical. The drill was included 6 subjects such as water rescue (first fixed rescue, extended to diving search, medical assistance), personnel transfer, ship fire protection, ship pollution prevention, environmental monitoring and protection, and resident water safety guarantee.
After the dangerous situation was occurred, the dangerous chemicals ship immediately organized self-rescue, fired with the fire extinguisher on board, the fire was spread, and could not be controlled. At the same time, it reported to the Liuzhou Water Search and Rescue Center, they immediately launched the Level II emergency response according to the emergency plan. After the report of the Guangxi Maritime Search and Rescue Center and the Liuzhou City Government Duty Office, the Meteorological and Hydrological Department coordinated the monitoring of on-site meteorological and hydrological conditions, and coordinated nearby rescue forces to rescue the dangerous chemicals, passenger ferries and out-of-control ships. The transfer of people in distress and the search and rescue work of the drowning personnel used advanced water robots and lifebuoys to throw drones to rescue the drowning personnel during the search and rescue process. After the fire was extinguished, the Liuzhou Water Search and Rescue Center notified the water company to suspend the water intake at the downstream water intake. At the same time, they coordinated maritime emergency to deploy oil booms, cleaning of accident waters, emergency recovery of pollutants; and then coordinated environmental protection to do water quality monitoring of downstream water intakes, real-time monitoring of water quality information for ensuring the safety of residents.

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