Zhoushan Southern waters carry out comprehensive emergency drill

On the afternoon of June 16th, Liuheng Maritime Department cooperate with relevant departments of port and shipping, safety supervision, maritime police, fishery administration, and anti-smuggling, and convened 10 sea-related shipping companies and professional clean-up units to carry out comprehensive emergency drill in the waters of the anchorage outside Tiaozhoumen, Zhoushan.
The drill was simulated that when the oil supply ship "China Oil 5" (self-designed ship name) was filling the bonded oil to bulk carrier "LINDA" (self-designed ship name) at the anchorage outside Tiaozhoumen, the connecting flange of the oil pipeline part was leaked , A large amount of oil products flowed into the nearby sea area, causing sea pollution and a fire hazards. At the same time, due to damage to the facilities of the oil supply ship, a crew member of the bulk carrier "LINDA" fell into the water.
"Liuheng Maritime Department, I am the'LINDA' ship. When toil supply ship "China Oil 5" was refueling our ship at the anchorage outside the Tiaozhoumen, the connecting flange of the oil pipeline was leaked. We requested support!" There was a rush of calls from the walkie-talkie, and the drill was officially begun.
After receiving the alarm, the Liuheng Maritime Department immediately activated the marine emergency plan, assigned relevant ships to conduct a comprehensive emergency response, temporarily controlled traffic in the sea area where the incident occurred, and urgently deployed social emergency response forces to the scene of the accident. The pollution-cleaning vessel was carrying anti-pollution emergency treatment equipment, they used oil booms and threw oil absorbent pads to block,remove the leaking fuel oil and prevent the oil from spreading downstream along with the water. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, with the concerted efforts of all participating departments, the oil spill containment control was completed and the drill was ended successfully.

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