Xiamen meticulously organized sea and land drill


Exercise simulation scenario: fire on the main deck

The drill was simulated a fire on the main deck when a a fishing vessel was operating on the south embankment of the port area. The fire spread to the shore and endangered the living quarters. The adjacent fishing vessels were quickly evacuated. During the evacuation, the two ships collided in the port area. The accident caused the engine room from one of the ships to be severely damaged and sunk. The crew abandoned the ship and escaped. Two crew members on the other ship fell into the water, and one of the crew members was seriously injured. The three ships respectively requested rescue and firefighting assistance from the safety authorities in the port area.  Emergency action process: The fishing port emergency command team activated the emergency plan, reported the danger to the Safety Committee Office of the Municipal Ocean Development Bureau, and reported to the 119 Fire Center and 120 Emergency Center to command and coordinate relevant ships to participate in maritime search, lifesaving and fire fighting. The bulletin room of the hazard center quickly issued an alarm, requested the evacuation of neighboring ships. The voluntary fire brigade and emergency fire boats in the port area quickly activated the local fire facilities for fire rescue. 119 fire trucks, fire boats in the port area, shore-based voluntary fire brigades and emergency fire boats jointly put out fishing boat fires, searched and rescued people who fell into the water, and promptly transferred them to the 120 medical emergency center on standby. After the ship collided, the engine room was damaged and some fuel oil was leaked. The fishing port emergency command team assigned the Xin Sihai 16 oil spill emergency ship to the oily sewage area to clean up by using oil booms and oil absorbent pads.

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